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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hi Guys.

I am Sarvjeet Singh Modi, a resident of India, a transporter by profession, a simple person who always had a normal life with a standard daily routine, and a passion of knowing more about religions, i have great insight of these ,I have read and debated a lot about them with whose so ever is interested.

My this passion gave me the most unexpected, internal enlightment discovery, I went to Srilanka in 2009, this trip was organized to understand the inside and truth of Ramayan. We visited many palces, such as Ashok Vatika, where Ravan after Sita haran took her to stay with him , Sita Vaka and Vibhishan Temple, where Laxman ji and Hanuman ji crowned Vibhishan as the king of Srilanka and many more, after this I truly understood a lot of things.I found that there are hindu temples in Jafna and Baticolova District but there are many buddhist temples in rest of Srilanka. Ashok Kumar Kainth ,our guide in Srilanka help us to communicate with the local people, because the local language is singla, Tamil and Malyalam. He also guided us to discover the insights of Ramayan.

I always had read in various Sakhi's that gurunank dev ji visited Srilanka in second Udasi But we found that there was no Single Gurudwara there, So after consulting various people , we decided to conduct a reseach in order to find exactly the traces of Guru Nanak Ji in Srilanka. According to the map provided in the sakhiyan, we went to the respective places ,starting with columbo , the Capital of Srilanka ,there was not a single local gurudwara sahib in srilanka .We went to the archeological center of columbo , where we consulted the director ,who told us that there's a script of Guru Nanak Dev ji in Anuradh Pura museum (300 km away from columbo) and we also found that somewhere in District Kotte there was a copper plate inscribed with "NANAK ACHARYA" , honored by the people of kotte to Guru Nanak dev ji. We continued our search of finding this copper plate, but after searching various temples and museum of kotte ,we were still not able to locate it. We also found that there is a Mardana Nagar , it clicked us ,that might be the city is named on the name of saint Mardana ji, who used to accompany Guru Nanak Dev ji everywhere. In Mardana Nagar, after talking to the heads of the city it was not clear about the history ,so we are still working on this fact.

Temples of Srilanka,where we surveyed everyone, to understand the truth

If anyone has more insight to our research or anyone wants to know anything.. can write to us.

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